Car Stereo Install - Shop Recommendations?

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Postby matthimself » Wed May 31, 2006 7:19 pm

i know a shop in Davis thats about 1 hr depending on traffic from bay area
heres the site its a small shop.. they did my truck and my passat..

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Postby lunisport » Thu Jun 01, 2006 10:56 am

A3VR6 wrote:Preferably in San Francisco area. Here's a summary of what needs to be done:

1) Install new air vent/deck plastic surround (area around where the deck slides into).
2) Remove/cleanup old wiring & install new power wiring & fuse.
3) Install new Alpine 9835 head unit & S624 CD Changer.
4) Install new Soundstream Tarantula 5-channel amp.
5) Remove amps currently mounted in the back (2 Phoenix Gold Tantrums) & power distribution block.

I want to redo the system due to a break-in just before the holidays. I also want ideas on alarm systems that will either work with the stock alarm or completely replace it. I have all the parts for the stereo install, I just need your expertise in doing a very clean install. Thanks for any advice :confused:

Welp, my friends run a shop in the Sunset, Vision Performance, it's on Noriega and 22nd I think, right on the corner. 1588 Noriega, 415-566-1723, ask for Mike or Crosby. Tell them Ermin sent you, and let them know what you want done. Good luck! :thumb:

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