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jetta review

Postby Tlan » Sun Apr 10, 2005 9:45 pm

I found this review at and incredibly everything (except for the window) had happened to my car too ( the spring from under the seats and the plastic thing from the sunroof). So I was wondering if this are recursive problems with jettas, specially the 2000, since this review was based on that year. Please read:

"What things have gone wrong with the car?
Cup holder in the front jammed closed.

The ‘ashtray’ in the back would never click and stay closed.

Driver side window fell down. It completely fell down into the inside of the door.

Check engine light came on in 11/01. The diagnosis was a faulty MAF Sensor/Airflower. This part was replaced under my warranty. The check engine light continued to turn on and off again. I finally received a recall letter for the replacement of the malfunctioning oxygen sensor-which can cause the check engine to come on. That part has been replaced and I hope that will finally resolve that issue.

Metal spring is lying on the floor under the driver seat.

One of the glove box hinges is broke in half.

Small (long and narrow) piece of plastic fell from the sunroof. "
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