I'm deciding to scrap my 3a swap in favor of a 9a...

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I'm deciding to scrap my 3a swap in favor of a 9a...

Postby charliemonster » Sat Apr 16, 2005 11:17 am

I'm deciding to scrap my 3a swap in favor of a 9a...
for 350 dollars (or best offer) you will get:
-2 liter 3a block, low miles, good shape, stripped and cleaned. all internals still installed + distributor
-complete victor reinz seal kit for said block, needs installing. this is the shiz for rebuilding. all german...
-the head for the 3a. a hydro big valve head, with cam, intake and exhaust manis still attached. throttle body included...
-a stripped and cleaned JH head. nothing left on the head, awaits port and polish if wanted
-a victor reinz seal kit for the head, includes head gasket, valve stem seals, all that good stuff...
-alternator from said 3a
-i think i have the water pump, not sure
-seat of 10 head bolts, brand spankin new
-set of brand spankin new studs for the exhaust mani on the JH head
-audi oil pan and oil pump. this engine was originally north south mounted, so a standard a1 oil pan and pump nose/spout are needed
most of the hard work on this is already done. just needs the new seals put in, the head reassembled, clutch, and a cam... knock sensor, if you want to run one...

this swap is perfect for those who want more power, with little hassle from the smog nazis. looks bone stock to the untrained eye...

please let me know.

pick up only, please. might be willing to drop off locally (50~75 miles), if you buy me lunch

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