odometer/speedometer cluster isnt working

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odometer/speedometer cluster isnt working

Postby SCcrazyg60 » Wed Mar 23, 2005 1:22 pm

new problem yet again with my corrado. the odometer isnt working properly in my car. i bought the car about 7 months agao at 138k its up to 155 which is a ridiculious amount considering i barley drive it and that its like at the shop half of the time. i noticed that my mileage at the 100 hundred spot is in the half way mark (meaning between numbers) and its it is increasing a 100 miles it looks like every 10 miles i go which isnt cool. cuz its giving me high ass mileage and if ever wanted to sell it no one would want like a 500000 corrado. i was told that you couldnt really fix it, is this true? something went wrong with the cpu? or what would make it go whacked out and increase my mileage like that? please help me and let me know before my baby reaches 200k!!! let me know if there is any way to correct it or fix it? thanks
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