O2J making "clicking" noise...

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O2J making "clicking" noise...

Postby HumboldtCorrado » Mon Sep 10, 2007 8:43 pm

i'll preface this post with noting that i posted this on the manual transmission forums on vortex, but wanted to post it somewhere even more obscure, so i thought this would be the place.
also, i know this isn't "performance" related, but it's also not "lighting, bodykits, etc", and i figure if i have a fat hole in my transmission, my car won't be performing at all, so here goes...

so my transmission has been making a "clicking" noise, and it's especially noticable in 1st and reverse, but it sounds like it's happening in 2nd-5th as well. it's been going on for a while, but has gotten noticeably louder in the last couple of days. the car is a '00 GTI VR6 5sp. 105k miles.
i did some searching, and found a bunch of people suggesting it was timing chains or axles, but i've done timing chains in my first corrado ('92 slc), and i know the timing chain noise. this isn't it. could *possibly* be axles, but it's happening constantly, not just when i turn or anything, so i'm thinking the cv's aren't the culprit.

any ideas? haven't drained the fluid yet, i'm afraid i'll find something blingin' in there...

should i torch it? this is not a good time for the tranny to grenade... we're in the middle of putting the g60 back in my corrado, so i could drive that, but a) it's a g60, so it's just a matter of time before i should shoot myself anyway, and b) it'll be a little bit before it's back together...

oh yes... the car is still shifting fine... all gears feel fine, but i can definitely "feel" the clicking in first gear through the shifter...

any ideas? sureguy? turtle? :thumbsdow

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