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Sea Foam

Postby diz_gti » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:12 am

ive never heard of this product just saw it on youtube does this actually work ?

SEA FOAM MOTOR TREATMENT for Gas Engine Applications

100% Pure Petroleum
Use in All Engines in All Seasons
2 Cycle, 4 Cycle, and Diesels
Treats 3 Critical Areas: Gas Tank, Fuel Systems, and Crankcase

Cleans fuel injectors
Cleans carburetor jets
Cleans carbon
Stabilizes fuels
Upper cylinder lube
Removes moisture in fuel
Frees sticky lifters
Frees sticky rings
Removes moisture in oil
Cleans P.C.V. systems
Cleans catalytic converter odors
Oxygen sensor safe

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Postby VWCRAZY » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:21 am

yes it does work. Kragen sells it.

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Postby my02vr6 » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:26 am

Sureguy wrote:LOL. I totally agree with you. But like I said I've seen the motor take care of the varnish itself with more diligent oil changes and mileage. I can't stand that seafoam crap btw. Top end cleaner may work on carbed 327 with no cats but wtf does that stuff do to all the emissions controls?

Just fyi...

I may try it on the GLI when I get home though, I've heard from alot of people that it works pretty well. I don't think I'll touch the GTI with it though.
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Postby diz_gti » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:46 am

watching the outube vids, thats hella smoke. isnt that illegal to drive it around like that? im gonna go with the recomended cleaners from james.

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Postby MrReaney » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:24 am

Being on 56k, I can't really watch the vids, but most injector cleaning processes seem to output a lot of smoke while they burn off. The majority of the smoke simply during the cleaning process, a very small amount while the cleaner is still running through with the gas in the gas tank and whatnot.

As for effects on emissions components, etc. I haven't the slightest. :eyes:

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