FS: Mk4 LCA w/ R32/TT bushings, $125/110 for norcal members.

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FS: Mk4 LCA w/ R32/TT bushings, $125/110 for norcal members.

Postby p1bump » Tue May 24, 2011 9:24 pm

Hi kids,

Like the title states, Mk4 LCA with the R32/TT solid bushing upgrade installed.

The front bushing are new oem bushings, it's the rears that make a big difference and a huge improvement, especially in the curves and/or under hard acceleration and braking!

Your choice -Lemforder or Meyle HD - I have Meyle HD in my car, love em. Lemforder reportedly is the oem manufacturer, many report great experiences with both.

I give them a simple green bath, wire wheel off any loose paint and surface rust and give them a fresh coat of Rustoleum semi gloss black. sorry, no flame patterns or hello kitty paint jobs, please don't ask. yes, seriously. U know who you are.

If you did this yourself, using the arms in your car, you may be lucky enough to
1) have a car apart for half a day
2) have spent $40 to buy the bushings
3) be fortunate enough to drive somewhere else to get them pressed in for another $40

at this point you would be $80 into the gig, plus driving around and all that goes with it.... or you may want to do what I did and buy a used set of arms, then you would be lucky enough to
4) Spend another $50-75 for each arm & then you'd be out $180 or more.
... it's a pain.
5) or be like me and go buy a new shop press you hardly use and spend another $120 which my wife still yells at me for.

This way it's a simple plug and play installation for a pretty cheap deal at $125.

I'll even paypal $40 back for old arms shipped to me to continue and pay it forward, making the deal come out to even less out of your pocket and you ain't gotta have your car apart or buy a press!!

It's a great deal! pm or email me.

I bought a few used sets and have been selling them for a few months now. As long as folks keep sending me their old sets I can keep offering these.

$110 for norcal members when picking up.


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