B&M Short shifter for MkIII - Installed

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B&M Short shifter for MkIII - Installed

Postby FlyGTI » Mon Jun 25, 2007 6:28 pm

I finally got around to doing this. A fair upgrade over stock. The throws are significantly shorter and the shift effort is not really any stiffer. I like it.

Installation is not too bad, much like the dieselgeek affair, except that some of the old parts have to be removed from the shifter and installed on the new shaft. I bought new parts at the dealer so it would all be new and as tight as possible. I had to grind some metal away from the tunnel to get the pivot pin out, again, just like the dieselgeek setup. After installation it was all ready to drive, no linkage adjustments necessary. Anyway, I'm pretty satisfied. I think I would have been happy with Dieselgeek's shifter too, but this was slightly cheaper and leaves some money left over to help me fix the ABS module, which is the next project. Can't believe I've had this car for almost 9 years !! It runs better every day :clap:

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